To read is to live a thousand lives.

To travel is to discover the world.


About eslite hotel

Movement builds muscles, silence feeds the soul. Leisure lets you taste the elegance of art, a graceful interior, a sincere hospitality. Eslite hotel, a storehouse of deep and wonderful memories.
eslite hotel is ...

... the first to offer a harmony of love for reading, music & art, and creative
entertainment within the lush setting of a park that exudes the unique culture of Taiwan... where you experience the timeless joy of life and the touching moments of history... where you discover world-class talent in the service industry ... the door that leads to other worlds linked to the courteous people of Taiwan.

At the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park ...

... the refreshing sound of a fountain greets the early morning sun ... rest under the shade of a tree beside a lotus pond ... marvel at historical relics amid an ecological oasis ... closely observe the creations of traditional and industrial arts... discover other worlds through books ... quench your thirst for knowledge... music, film, and performances bring gladness to our souls ... we taste the sweetness of a wonderful life.

At the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, it is close to the eslite Spectrum Songyan store, the Red Dot Design Museum, the old Songyan Warehouse, and the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. The Taipei 101, World Trade Center, eslite Hsinyi and Dunnan stores are also close by.
Built in 1937, the Songshan Tobacco Factory was the most important manufacturer of cigarettes in Taiwan. Its buildings have witnessed the decades of change in Taiwan and in the lives of its workers. Its architectural style has been retained and now expresses a more contemporary simplicity and elegance. The Baroque central garden and the factory’s decorative landscaping have been the setting for many films.
In 2011, the whole place was converted into the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, a venue that encourages cultural creative enterprises and a platform to develop and exhibit creative talent.

A mood for study and learning is eslite hotel’s greatest attraction. Countless books drive a stable intellectual disposition nourished by artistic performances, innovation, art, architecture and design, literature, and international cuisine. This hall can accommodate 50 visitors. It has Italian-style furniture and a long wooden reading table with adequate lighting. It is a restful place that delights the senses. Occasional musical performances make a peaceful time over coffee even more enjoyable. eslite hotel is like a book. Just sitting in one of its halls takes you to the four corners of the earth as you travel through a vast universe of words.

A red brick wall seems to take on a human face as it transmits the warmth and cordiality of the people of Taiwan. eslite hotel invited Mr. Zhan Jingcheng and seven brick-laying experts to create the brick wall. Mr. Zhan is an international gold medal winner in the field of brick-laying. The wall in the In Between restaurant has 7,700 red bricks of the same size. Mr. Zhan and his team created 22 brick walls according to four design patterns: triangular stereoscopic, convex, perspective, and triangular cross-section. Their multi-level, solid creations blend traditional and modern styles to express the spirit of eslite – creative and daring yet friendly and hospitable – just like the people of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s traditional building and industrial arts include not only the techniques of brick-laying, but also the careful setting of terrazzo tiles. Old houses are not the only ones that have terrazzo tile floors. Such tiles do not have just one monotonous design. Innovative terrazzo designs can be seen at eslite hotel’s main lobby, restaurants, and even in guest rooms’ bathrooms. The Reception area has a new-style gold-colored terrazzo mosaic floor. Look down and discover the hotel emblem. In the bathrooms, red brick pieces combined with terrazzo express simplicity and highlight the enduring qualities of these building materials. Terrazzo represents artistic simplicity and recalls a time when it evoked images of cleanliness.

eslite hotel is like an art gallery that showcases the talents of Taiwan artists whose artworks delight the eyes and express the heartbeat of a city. Photographs depict life in the thirties and tell the story of a people and their town, and a century of change.

A flower wall (photo no. 5) is a creation by internationally acclaimed space artist Michael Ming Hong Lin. “Outing” by Su Wong-shen is an excursion to a fantasy hometown. His distinctive bird’s eye view technique gives birth to creative visual images of panoramic scenes and narratives. You feel like a bird contemplating the colorful world on the ground. Benrei Huang’s “Green Thumb” has the rabbit “Nini” contemplating the world around her. Nini is the vehicle the artist uses to express his inner world. Wen-Shyang Guo’s “Metamorphoses Lecture Proposal” depicts the almost perfect relationship between words and the paper on which they are written. Chiu Yi-lan’s “In Search of a Perfect Scenery (I)” uses portraits to express beauty.

    Stylish and Volatile

    Soak in the city’s glitz, check in to eslite hotel.
    Enjoy countless possibilities for recreation: the eslite Spectrum Songyan store, Songyan Cultural & Creative Park, Red Dot Design Museum, Xinyi District, creativity, reading, music, and film.

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    Our Guest Rooms

    We have 104 guest rooms. There are photographs of Taiwan in various eras. Our interior design concept pervades every floor. Regardless of size, our guest rooms exude elegance and you can choose from among classic, executive or humanities suites. In all, you experience calm graciousness and exquisite service.

    Simple elegance, high ceilings, colors of nature. Flee the noise and turmoil of the city. Soak in the calm refinement of a 36 sq. meter room. Gaze at the cityscape or contemplate the surrounding mountains. Single or twin bed rooms come with 42-in HDTV, DVD player, Bose sound system, Internet connection, Cassina leather chair, mini-bar, Nespresso coffee machine, and a reading area.

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    A spectacular view enters your eyes through large floor-to-ceiling windows. The balcony connects the beat of the city and the glitter of the night life with your 43 sq. meter room of quiet elegance. Single or twin bed rooms come with 42-in HDTV, DVD player, Bose sound system, Internet connection, Cassina leather chair, mini-bar, Nespresso coffee machine, and a reading area to heighten your moments of relaxation.

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    The bright natural colors and high ceiling make this 56 sq. meter space a delightful hide-away. Even the bathrooms have creative designs of red bricks and terrazzo tiles. They represent Taiwan’s traditional industrial arts. You can have sweeping views of the city or the mountains. Single or twin bed rooms come with 42-in HDTV, DVD player, Bose sound system, Internet connection, Cassina or Minotti designed executive chair, mini-bar, Nespresso coffee machine, and a reading area to take you to distant worlds.

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    This 66 sq. meter to 135 sq. meter space was designed based on eslite’s book collection. Hundreds of books decorate its walls and help instill a mood that exudes humanities, art, music, and lifestyle. You feel that your every whim is fulfilled with a wide selection of food and drink. You can have sweeping views of the city or the mountains. Single or twin bed rooms come with 42-in HDTV, DVD player, Bose sound system, Internet connection, Cassina designed executive chair, mini-bar, Nespresso coffee machine, and a reading area to give you a truly restful experience.

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    The 3rd floor gym is open from 6 am to 10 pm. Its floor-to-ceiling windows enable you to enjoy the morning sun as you gaze at a sweeping view of the world outside. You release your tensions by moving your muscles in this facility.

      Tasteful Banquets

      The Chapter restaurant on the 1st floor opens at 6:30 am. You can savor the best cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You could also refresh yourself at the Lobby Lounge. The In Between Steakhouse on the 2nd floor serves juicy and lean beef dry-cooked into sumptuous steaks. The finest wines from Europe, the Americas, and Australia make it an excellent choice for dinner with friends.

      The Lounge


      Lobby Lounge

      Read ten thousand books,
      travel a thousand miles,
      Embark on a journey of self-discovery.
      Enter into a room of 5,000 books. Sit behind a wooden table and let the soft light of the reading lamp lead you to a shelf and calmly pick out a book...... See More

      The Chapter Café


      Café All-day Dining

      Morning comes, noon and midnight,
      We find a home for our senses to pause, our hearts to find rest.
      A leisurely meal is one way of letting time pass during a journey. At 6:30 am, you can enjoy a semi-buffet or a la carte breakfast. See More

      In Between


      Fusion Cuisine

      Good food is the spice of life.
      Fine dining gives harmony to every journey.
      Sometimes as you journey, your thoughts revisit nights that you spent alone or with someone, memories of a pleasant dinner. Here, you see...... See More

      The Penthouse


      Function Room

      We always remember friendly chats over tea, successful outcomes of creative thought,
      and happy reunions with friends and family.
      The people whom you meet on a journey become part of your treasury of memories. In this room for 80 to 120 people...... See More