In Between

Steak House


Sometimes as you journey, your thoughts revisit nights that you spent alone or with someone, memories of a pleasant dinner. Here, you see a red brick wall, a masterpiece of industrial art. You walk on a soft carpet that helps absorb the noise. The clean wine cellar has the finest wines from the Americas, Europe, and Australia. The juicy and lean beef have been dry-cooked into sumptuous steaks by tireless and dedicated chefs. The floor-to-ceiling windows let you see Taipei 101 and the greenery on the park. Food and wine, music and scenery, city and country acquire a harmony and you find yourself at home in familiar or unfamiliar settings.

Lunch:12:00-15:00 ; Dinner: 18:00-22:00
138 seating capacity plus six rooms for 4 to 16 people
on the 2nd floor
You can see the wine cellar and its collection of fine wines from Europe, the Americas, and Australia. Our juicy and lean beef are dry-cooked into sumptuous steaks for a continental dinner. An ideal place for family and friends, business meetings, dinner or cocktails, product launches, press conferences, and talks.





The Chapter Café

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