The Penthouse

Function Room


The people whom you meet on a journey become part of your treasury of memories. In this room for 80 to 120 people, dinner with friends and relatives, inspiring talks and creative brainstorming sessions, or artistic performances are forever engraved in our mind. Let your eyes dwell on distant images and allow the vastness to expand your heart. Gaze at the sun and hold the hand of a friend to celebrate life. This is where inspiring ideas are born as you sip a cup of exquisite tea and a gentle light reaches the corners of your soul.

10:00 am to 8:00 pm
80 to 120 including one private room
on the 16th floor
Meeting Packages (half-day/full-day)、Banquets、Press Events、Performance and Art Showcases


In Between

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The Chapter Café

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The Lounge

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